Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

To one of the best dad's I know (my sweet hubby) and all the other daddys out there.

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Kathy said...

Hi, Joanne! Just returning visits from T13 (little late, I know).
Hope you & your family enjoyed this Father's Day. I know my hubby did!

I just read your post on Toys. You are so right...there are so many electronic toys on the shelves's pathetic! A wise educator once told me (when I was doing the homeschooling thing) to purchase a good set of plain wood blocks (or if your hubby's a carpenter he could make them). Not sure if Wally's sells them, or Target (they used to be really good at selling educational toys), but I think Toys R Us still does....I think. The educator said blocks are a wonderful tool to spark a child's imagination. My son owned a lot of Legos when he was younger (still does! he will never part w/ them...he is saving for his own kids... someday). These were the brick legos where you could make anything your imagination thought of, not the "molded sets" they sell nowadays...nothing for a child's imagination to build!
Good luck with your search!
Thanks for stopping by my site!