Monday, June 04, 2007


At the dollar store yesterday, I picked up a set of magnetic alphabet letters to put on our refrigerator. I figure it's good for James to see the letters and I'd spell out little words for him. (I know-he is young for the word part-but they're never too young to expose to literacy)

James was thrilled to touch and see the letters! He would take a letter off, look at it and try to stick it back up. However, he had the most fun taking one off the fridge, throwing it to the floor, picking it up, and throwing it again. He crawled all over the kitchen chasing (on his hands and knees) after the letters "E" and "M". Exposure, right?

*BTW-If you happen to buy these letters, and your child is under 3, they need to be surpervised while they play as there are tiny magnets attached which may pose a choking hazard.


Jennifer said...

Cute pics! You're right, it is never too young to expose children to literacy.

Anonymous said...

but with that binky in his mouth, he didn't look like he was interested in eating or choking on a magnet. ;-P