Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Up on all fours instead of the military crawl. (Sorry for the tiny cell phone video again!) Surprisingly we own not one but TWO video cameras but I never have one handy. I'm a lazy, jerk.


Clubbs said...

Yay! Crawling baby! Cute. :)

Hope your dinner with the in-laws was good.

Visited you from "That's My Answer."

Have a great day!


Jessica said...

Now that he's figured out how to crawl efficiently, he'll be into everything so fast! His speed will amaze you!

That Blue Girl said...

He was pretty fast already with his military style crawl. Right now he's kind of slow figuring it out still and occasionally falling on his face but I can tell it's only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

i love it that i could hear your voice! (smooches)