Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things you Love About Springtime from Ten on Tuesday Meme.

1. Warm weather.
2. Not having to wear a winter coat anymore.
3. Being able to open doors and windows.
4. Wearing sandals or going barefoot.
5. My birthday in May.
6. Walking at the park.
7. Getting icecream.
8. Cooking on the grill.
9. Eating outside.
10. Summer is almost here!


Jessica said...

Wait, is it still warm there?? We're under a blizzard warning until 8 AM tomorrow. Not a mere winter storm warning. A blizzard warning! I'm sure the drive home from work will be pleasant.

That Blue Girl said...

I wish! It was warm yesterday in the 60's but today I think we're only supposed to have a high of 40 something and then temp is slowly going to drop with the possibility of snow showers the remainder of the week.

Jessica said...

Maybe our blizzard will descend upon you in a couple of days. If so, I'm sorry.