Friday, April 27, 2007

Sweet Treat

Not too high in calories when using low fat graham crackers & light whipped cream and as long as you don't eat too many.

-Take a low fat cinammon graham cracker square & put light whipped cream (or cool whip) on top to desired thickness. (I do about 1/2 an inch)
-Carefully place second square on top of whipped cream.
-Carefully put in ziplock bag.
-Freeze for 20 minutes to half hour.

*drizzle a bit of chocolate, strawberry, or caramel syrup on top of whipped cream before adding second cracker
*put 6 or 8 mini chocolate chips or nuts in the whipped cream
*use any kind of graham cracker: honey, chocolate, plain

Or-for even fewer calories use the two halves of one square to make mini treats.

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