Monday, April 23, 2007

Looking Back

Kelly's recent post Honky Cat got me thinking about my high school senior superlative and I had to pull out my senior yearbook to remind me what I wrote. After review-what a bunch of crap! Let me share: (the stuff that is bolded-I have either a vague or no recollection to what I was referring to)

So much to say to so many. Homeroom. Kim, gutentoc schvoley, my apple, conversations. Domanche. Spanish, Tony, Jason-Sideshow? Raul, arghhh, estoy embarrassado, donde esta ese sucio ladron? Cardena. Rodar y Rodar y S.B.'s fall. Sabrina-who stole your bear? Modeling-you want me to do what? Courtney. Will you ever forget Larry? Laura, sad movies n' books. G'night Mr. Tom, Shining Through. Niagara Splash, my Ruth dream. Hey Pen wars, Country boy is: Mr. Banks. "Great Souls by Instinct to each other turn..." I haven't forgotten. Keep in touch. Marybeth you're a freakin' animal. Lunch was fun-ny. Darien, Floom 30x's. e.e. cummings. Where's Smith? Kelly, Carol, Darn it Jim... I'll miss you guys. SLANG, HARVEY, HIPPY, FNSH. Rushford, Shakespeare, "Are you Bob?", Carina. Friendly dishwasher, Africa Projects. Stacy. I won't mention men-cost too much! Well 'cept John and Bill. We're such a foursome. The Heights. Remember driving in E.A., slow down! The letter, Harley, Nintendo, Bambi, Banquet Boy, Shotgun, GNR, Aerosmith, "what, why is she." I could go on but I won't-(crazy w-pen) Thanks for everything. For being there. I'm gonna miss you lots. "If you need me turn around, I'll be two steps behind." To Deanna, Amanda, Jill, Holly, Cory, Kim, Tanya, ICS is yours. Sweater song rules, I like traffic lights. NYQUIL! To all-goodbye. My family I love you... and Bill... Kitten? In your eyes. I am not crazy-okay? I don't know...

Hilarious. (not) Some explanations:

Pen wars? In eighth grade during study hall my friend Laura and I were in one of those giddy silly moods and started writing on each other-like she drew a line on me, I on her, and back and forth, laughing, and jerking around in our seats until we got yelled at by the substitute teacher.

Darn it Jim-a reference to Star Trek. Not exactly sure how (since I never watched a full 10 minutes of the show) but apparently one character says, "Damn it Jim, I'm a blank, not a blank" so somehow while we were at an amusement park, we took turns ALL DAY coming up with variations to this quote. "Damn it Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a water heater repairman". Oh-and it was in the yearbook, no swearing allowed-hence the "darn it". *shrug*

Bambi-a secret nickname for our 9th grade math teacher who supposedly was "Bambi the table dancer" a stripper sometime in her career.

Sabrina-who stole your bear? In art class my friend Sabrina was working on this pastel drawing of a bear FOREVER! And it was terrible. The drawing was bad, she didn't know what she was doing...rough. Well at the start of a class she goes to her drawer to get her drawing and it is missing. Immediately she starts complaining that someone stole her bear drawing. Our art teacher helps her rip apart all the drawers, and look around the room to no avail. It's MIA. Fast forward to the end of the year. We are all cleaning out our drawers and the art room. Sabrina notices that one of her drawings is half in the drawer and half sliding behind the drawer. Do I need to finish the rest of this story?

Funny that I remember all of this insignificant junk. Even funnier is that of all the people I mention (aside from my family) I only keep in contact with one person on a regular basis and hear from another periodically.

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