Monday, March 12, 2007

In like a Lion....

For lack of any other creative post title...

Friday night we went out and rented some movies from Blockbuster. We haven't gone there in forever! We had 2 gift cards which we've had for like, two years. However, as we perused the selection, we realized why we never go there:
A.) we've already seen everything or
B.) what's left is junk!

Anyhow we left with Inside Man (a Spike Lee Joint) and The Departed (a Martin Scorsese). We were kind of shocked by the rental prices. I remember getting videos for 2 or 3 bucks before and now they are like $4.50-5.00! It cost us like 12 bucks for the 2 dvds and bag of Twizzlers, and I didn't even pick out a jumbo sized bag of candy! The Departed ended up being the better of the two. I'd like to watch it again as there are twists and surprises to the story and you're sitting there thinking, "What?! No!" Well, at least Jake and I were. I kind of had a feeling the Scorsese would be better. Why? Goodfellas (my favorite movie) and The Color of Money!? Do I need to say more? Ok: Cape Fear, Casino, and Raging Bull! On the receipt, it said the movies were due back by noon on Sunday. Of course it was 12:20 when we got there and Jake was prepared to blame it on Daylight Savings Time, but we were informed there are no more late fees. How annoying that I rushed to shower and get dressed before noon on a Sunday! But I suppose this explains why they raised their rental fees. They have to make up the late fees somewhere.

Here are some fun photos with my cell phone today:

Some smoothies I made for breakfast. Healthy...until I added the whipped cream.

Booger or food? You be the judge.

Dada! I wanna help!

Oh-and lastly, I wanted to rave about a sippy cup my mom bought for Jamie that was supposed to be an Easter gift, except mommy forgot to pack a sippy in the baby bag, so he got it early. This one:

(Cheaper at Wal-Mart or Target) But-this is the 4th brand of cup we've received and by far the best. Jamie can suck out of the cup with ease/holding it himself, the handles are great, and the whole top part is silicone, so while he is drinking and his nose is pressed at the top, it is soft like when he is nursing. Also, something about the way it is made allows for him to drink and not spill/spit out mouthfulls of water like he does with the others.

Well, I've gotta get my sheets in the dryer so I can get them back on the bed, before I need to go to bed. Good night!


ranter said...

How is this for slow. We are still watching The Departed on cinema :) It will only come out on dvd in a couple of months. I agree though, it is a brilliant movie. Glad to see that your husband enjoys a BBQ (ours is a braai). It is huge in South Africa to braai and there will always be one lit if there is a sports game on. I choose that it is food on Jamies face *grin*.

That Blue Girl said...

We love to BBQ and I've even done it in winter while there is snow out. (although my husband usually isn't too thrilled about it) Ha ha ha, if it isn't food on Jamie's face, he's got some serious problems. ;-)

Jessica said...

You should consider Netflix. They have some inexpensive plans now and the selection is unbeatable (when compared to a local movie store).

God, I hope it's food.

Indigo said...

Ewwww! I don't care if it's food or a booger. Wipe it off. LOL!

I loved The Departed, and I have no clue what the heck happened in Inside Man. No clue at all.

Jen to da fer said...

Ry and I are still Blockbuster people, but we agree the prices have gone up. Ultimately the way we look at it though, is that it's cheaper than going to the movie theater.