Thursday, March 29, 2007


I haven't had much to write about lately. Same old-same old. But, I haven't posted here in quite awhile so after reading Kelly's latest entry: Cringe, I thought I'd follow suit.

This is an excerpt from November 12th, 1990. (makes me 13 years old) I'm going to keep all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation the same as is written but omit last names.

About Brian. He is so really cute. I never told anyone 'til' now that I liked him because I was afraid they would laugh at me or make fun of me. Anyways Brian was always going out with people like this girl Jasmine who was a real slut. She used to wear skirts that went as far as maybe an inch or two below her hips. She used to wear sleaveless shirts that were skin tight & she even wore skin tight jeans. That time she was in 6th grade and Brian and I were in 7th grade. She also had fish lips and was Spanish. A few times the principal sent her home to change her clothes. After that Brian went out with Lucy a 13 year old going on 25. She wore so much makeup she looked like a painted doll. Her hair which always used to go to the bottom of her back got cut a little below the shoulders. Another skin-tight jean wearer she was. After that (oh wait a minute I forgot to tell you. When Brian was going out with Jasmine in the morning before school started when we had to wait outside, Brian at the corner of the school used to kiss Jasmine, fully on the lips. They did that everyday until they noticed that everyone kept turning to watch them. Then they moved to kissing behind the school parking lot.)

As I was saying about Lucy, she was another person I didn't like at school. For one she used to be Cassy's best friend before I came to 38, then when Cassy and I became best friends she was jealous & thought she was Mrs. Sophistication & Cassy & I were immature. After Lucy, Brian wanted to go out with this girl Leticia. My nickname for Leticia is bush-head. She is Puerto Rican and has that Bushy-Fluffy hair & she used to wear so many ribbons, clips, & barrets in her hair, but she never wanted to go out with Brian & besides her parents were very strict.

OMG! Bush-head? fish lips? Skin tight jeans? I wonder where these poor girls are today. However, considering some of them were sucking face in 6th grade, perhaps the prognosis isn't so good. Anyhow, I'm pretty mortified about some of the terms I used. And what the hell is a "painted doll" anyway?


Jessica said...

Hey, I've missed you. I enjoyed your cringeworthy post. I wonder where my old diaries are. I once called my dad a bitch in an entry, completely unaware that "bitch" is a term reserved for women.

That Blue Girl said...

Ha ha ha! That definately made me laugh out loud.