Monday, March 19, 2007

Anyone Want to Join Me for Lunch?

No-I'm not on a kind of special liquid diet-this is actually Jamie's lunch. I was just thinking about how people react when they find out that I make all of Jamie's food. It's amusing because it seems that people generally are under the assumption that making baby food is some very long, difficult process. I get people who ask, "how do you do it?" "how do you know what to do?" and even "when my kid is old enough, I'm going to have someone teach me how". Someone to teach you how to throw food in a blender and puree it? Ok-ok, maybe I'm not being fair. I do, do a great deal of reading about which foods to introduce first, what I can add to make plain stuff tasty, and what he cannot have... but really it's not difficult. And-I feel so much better not feeding James from a jar that says good 'til 2010.


Jessica said...

The best part about making your own baby food is that you can give him food he wouldn't have been able to try otherwise. Seth loves asparagus, but try to find asparagus in the baby food aisle. He didn't care so much for cantaloupe and avocado, but at least he got to try them.

I wish I took more time to make his baby food. At first we kept the store-bought stuff on hand as a backup for when we didn't have much time or for when we wanted something that didn't have to be refrigerated until being opened. Now we give him the prepackaged stuff almost all the time. :(

That Blue Girl said...

One of the things I do is, like on a Saturday, make a huge batch of back up food in case James can't have what we're eating at a meal. I'll make a meat or two, vegetables, and fruit, and then freeze them. (Ice cube trays-->to freezer bags)

There is nothing wrong with relying on the packaged stuff if that's what works for you.

Jessica said...

Well, the sad face had more to do with the fact that if I were a little more industrious, we wouldn't have to rely on that prepackaged stuff. Oh, well. There are worse things in life than relying on prepackaged baby food.