Tuesday, March 06, 2007

370 Million Bucks

That's the prize amount for tonight's Mega Millions drawing. We never play the lotto, but decided to partake in this drawing because:

a.) it's a huge freakin' prize.
b.) at the Chinese buffet we went to on Saturday, we both got a fortune cookie with the same fortune and lucky numbers. Is that a sign? What are the odds? Well just in case, we decided to play.

Jamie is getting more teeth. First, one tooth began sprouting to the right of his top front teeth, and today it looks the one to the left of his uppers is coming in too. He is such a smarty these days. He recognizes us by name now. If you ask him "where's dada?" he looks right to Jake. He also knows the "doggie" "mama" and "Nook". Nook is the word I use for his pacifier. It came from those Gerber ones with "Nuk" on them. How do you pronounce Nuk? Nook, Nuck (like in knuckle), Nuke? Anyhow, I like how Nook sounds compared to binky, bobo, paci. He is still climbing shelves and crawling around like crazy-but, not on hands and knees yet. He is still doing his little baby talk with , "baba" "mama" "lala" and "dada". However, the one he uses the most is "baba". Our favorite is when he does his little motorboat sound with his lips. It is so cute!

Can you read the sign? (It's kind of dark, sorry, taken with camera phone) It says "Reserved for Members with Infants". As I was looking for a place to park at BJ's Wholesale club, I was delighted to find a special parking spot just for me. Ok-it may sound lame but what other privileges do ya get for having a kid? First to abandon ship? Anyway, it made me reminisce about the days of "Expectant Mother" parking over at Babies R'Us. More places should offer those kinds of special things for moms!

Speaking of expecting, I've (we've) been trying to figure out the best time to have kid #2. My siblings each have 3 years between us meaning: 3 years after me, my sister was born, and three years later came my brother. There are times where 3 years seemed too much of a gap between my sister and I. I always said I want to have my kids only 1-2 years apart. Now as a mom-I've begun to rethink that plan of action. I am thinking, James is almost a year old. If we'd like 2 years difference, that means start trying for baby #2 a little after Jamie turns 1. At this point, James is not sleeping all the way through the night. Am I going to be able to handle 2 kids not sleeping all night? Will I be ok with two kids in diapers? Will I be ok with breastfeeding again when I am almost through now? (My plan is to BF until James is one and can have cows milk) If I have so many doubts does this mean I am not ready yet or are you never REALLY ready?

*sigh* So much to think about. My first pregnancy was wonderful. I loved it. They say though that every pregnancy is different. What if I have terrible morning sickness through the next one? Morning sickness plus a one year old? Ok-enough of this topic. I am sure every woman with more than one child has had these thoughts.

To end, guess I'll mention that we're being hit with frigid temperatures right now. I think at the last check Jake said it was 3 degrees out with a windchill of minus 20. That's freakin' cold! For the past two days we've had high winds and we're wondering if we have any roof tiles left as they've been blowing off all winter.

Not much else going on around here. Guess I should go. Little Roo has to go to bed. Aww...Jake is going to put him to bed. I like listening to him read to James. It is so cute.


Jessica said...

If you look at it strictly in terms of having a healthy, full-term pregnancy, then you should wait about eighteen months before getting pregnant again:

I know there's more to it than that. For example, you're taking into account the family dynamics of birth spacing.

I've been thinking about the second baby, too. Right now, I'm so tired that I can't imagine getting pregnant or having another baby ever. Plus, I'd like to nurse for two years to reap the added health benefits and because some pediatricians (not mine) recommend starting cow's milk at two year old, not one. On the other hand, I don't have all the time in the world. I have reason to believe that the first baby was a fluke and I may have issues attempting to conceive again. I wish I would've started sooner.

That Blue Girl said...

Thanks for the article. It is helpful information. On the other hand, I think of a few women I know who through ignorance, got pregnant immediately after having one baby and delivered full term, healthy babies.

But I can totally empathize with you. After I think of all the benefits & happy things associated with another baby, I think of the other side (tiredness, etc.) and get to the point where I almost feel like James could be an only child. But I want more.

Good for you on the breastfeeding! That is so awesome. I am glad I could give James the health benefits of breastfeeding along with the bonding aspects, and I certainly enjoyed the other benefits like weight loss, saving money, and convenience...but I am so ready to be done. I envy your determination and ability.

Jessica said...

My in-laws and coworkers think I'm a hippie for wanting to breastfeed so long. :)

I have to admit, I've really begun to feel the tedium of breastfeeding, too. Especially pumping. I'm so sick of pumping. And I've just endured several days of very painful feedings, which made me wish I could close this chapter. But I've committed myself to two years, and I plan to see it through.

You deserve some kudos, too, for sticking with it the last nine months (nearly) and continuing until he's a year old. According to the LLL, 70% of mothers breastfeed immediately after birth, but only 16% continue to the child's first birthday. We're going to be among that 16%. Yay for us!