Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are being pounded by snow again and area school children have another day off. These poor kids have missed so much school (which might seem cool) that the school districts are having to take days away from February or Spring breaks because they have used up their alloted snow days (not so cool).

My sweetie got me beautiful roses for Valentine's Day and dark chocolate, my favorite! I also got a bouquet of mini roses from Jamie. They are the cutest I've ever seen. Look how tiny!

Here's a little something for you: Happy Valentine's Day.


Jessica said...

After reading this last night, I promptly told Baby's Daddy that my blog friend (i.e., you) got flowers from her hubby and her son. Baby's Daddy looked at Seth and asked, "Why didn't you get Mommy flowers." :)

That Blue Girl said...

Ha ha ha! That's great. Tell Seth he can make up for it by taking you out to dinner.