Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ha ha ha!

Instead of answering the "Five things you don't know about me" meme, Beth decided to challenge her readers to ask “outrageous, inappropriate, entertaining, or just plain hilarious (to me) questions” and she would answer them instead. You can find that post HERE. In her RESPONSE she tagged those of use who asked questions to answer our own questions along with four others from her comments section. Lucky for me, I wasn't as "outrageous" or "inappropriate" as some others. If you want to play along, the questions can be found in the comments to THIS post. Here are my answers:

1. If Chris Jake wanted to undergo a sex change operation to become the woman he always wanted to be, would you stay married to him and share your sexy yoga pants?"
Beth said, "I'm sure that Chris and I would remain very good friends, and I may even loan him my yoga pants, but I really prefer the people I sleep with to have a penis, so the marriage would definitely be over." I ditto that answer. Especially about the "people I sleep with" part. I will love Jake forever, but things would have to change. And-I'm sure if roles were reversed and I became a man, Jake would feel the same way. Ewww.

2. Did you ever have sex on your parents' bed? And, if so, do your parents read this blog? And if they do are they going to totally freak out when they find out? :)
No and no, which means no.

3. Do you, or have you ever watched porn with Chris Jake? Was it hot or weird?
Yes I have. And, as single, unmarried people sneaking around to watch it at 2am with his parents asleep in the next room, yeah, maybe it was a little hot. But now, I mostly find it annoying and stupid. Especially when I am tired and just want to go to sleep or when I've finished the dishes, put James to bed and just want to finally relax in front of the tv and Jake says, "look honey" like he accidentally found the porn channel.

4. I believe I remember reading at Chris' site that he carrys around a bottlecap you told him to keep forever, do you have anything you hang on to and plan to forever?
While I get super annoyed by clutter and prefer a more minimalist approach to "stuff" in our home, I am guilty of hanging on to stuff. (But not as bad at Jake!) The stuff I hang on to though, tends to have sentimental value. For example: 6-7 years ago while Jake lived in PA and I in NY, I bought a 150 minute, refillable, Sprint calling card from K-mart so we could talk long distance. Many times, Jake would surprise me and refill the card since he worked full time and I only worked part time as a substitute teacher. I'll never use the card again, but can't bear to shred it or throw it out thinking about those days and our long distance relationship. *I just checked the card and while you can still call the 1-800 no. on it, the 10 digit card number is invalid. So I couldn't even use it if I wanted to.*

5. List the things you have done that are illegal.
Hmmm. I'm pretty much a goody two shoes. (You can tell since my family doesn't read my blog yet I still didn't get too down and dirty in the questions I answered) But these are my worst offenses: speeding *gasp*, underage drinking *no*, trespassing on private property *OMG!*, I once hit a parked car (there was no damage to either vehicle) so I fled the scene, I've copied other peoples cds, made copies of movies, downloaded music from the internet and while I worked at a convenience store, there were a few times where I didn't pay for a pop or 25 cent bag of chips on break. I didn't feel too bad about it since the other employees I worked with were leaving the store with six packs of beer, wine coolers, or smokes when their shift ended. But I never stole money! Yeah I'm pretty boring when it comes to illegal stuff.

So there it is. Five more things you didn't know about me. Who wants to go next?


Beth said...

Can I admit that porn bores me to tears? I mean ok, we get it, does it really have to be two solid hours?

ranter said...

I don't think I will be amswering any of these questions on my blog as all my aunts, granny's, Moms & dads are reading it at the moment. I wouldn't want them to think that I am anything but the little angel I make myself out to be *LOL* Yeah right.
I agree about the porn thing though, it is kind of a been there done that situation....*yawn* Is it over yet???
With regards to clutter, my house could be on show any day of the week. I HATE stuff piling up and i believe that everything has it's place. I have been told to change my thinking very quickly though before the baby is born.