Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tag (take: 2)

Take two because I wrote this whole post out last night but IE decided to be a jerk and crash on me. So-let's try it again. Kelly shared 6 weird things about herself so I thought I'd continue with the fun. At first I couldn't come up with anything but once I thought of one thing I couldn't stop. Now I'm wondering if I am a weirdo! Ha ha ha, the word weirdo makes me laugh. Does that make me weird? Anyway:

1. I absolutely will NOT use a public bathroom unless I REALLY have to go. Typically I'll "hold it" until I get home. I'm not sure exactly what my issue is: germs, scent, or cleanliness but I don't like to go. Maybe it's just the nuisance of it all. Tiny stall, jacket, purse, hovering over the seat to go. Yes hovering. No amount of toilet paper or "seat cover" is going to make me feel safe enough to plop my butt down. Yuck. In any case, in high school, I don't think I used the bathroom more than 3 times the whole 4 years. Maybe this one should be posted under the 6 OCD things about me.

2. I get a kick out of the numbers on my odometer when they hit certain sequences. For example, ealier this week I hit 89098. A few weeks ago I got to see 88888. I don't know why, but I think this is cool and fun.

3. Speaking of numbers, I find myself counting the oddest things. Everytime I walk down a flight of stairs, I count the steps. If I am tossing clothes from the washer to the dryer, I find myself counting the items. Pulling glasses from the dishwasher, emptying groceries from a bag...whatever! Why? I have no freakin' clue! I just find myself counting in my head. I have lived in my house for 2 and a half years and still count the steps every time I go up and down them. Yep still 12 plus the landing. No extra steps today...

4. Before I got married, when ever I introduced myself or had to say my last name outloud, I used to feel I was mispronouncing it. Yes, my own last name! Sometimes I would put the accent in different parts just to hear if maybe that was "right". I still don't know if I say it right. I feel like different members of my family each say it differently.

5. When ever I'm in a car, whether driving or as a passenger, if we go over railroad tracks, I pick up my feet. It's bad luck if you don't! However, sometimes if I'm in a bad mood or Jake and I are arguing, I won't do it as if to test fate. "Come on you MOFO-what are you going to send my way!" As a side note, down the road from us, there are tracks where sometimes the railroad crossing bars will go down...but there will be no train. It freaks me out everytime because you have to drive around the barriers over the tracks to get through. I'm always scared a train is going to suddenly appear.

6. While in college, my favorite suitemate Kelly, and I used to watch this show called, "A la cama con Porcel". (To bed with Porcel) It was on telemundo and completely in spanish. IMDB describes it as, "Comedy skit show featuring Latin American comedian Jorge Porcel. The show was well known for its' sexuality, especially scantily clad women dancing and walking around." That pretty much describes it. Porcel was this large, fat, guy, who did all these comedy skits with these girls who half the show were dressed like Vegas show girls. Sometimes the skits would involve Porcel dressing up as a woman. Now, the weird part is: the whole show was in spanish and although Kelly and I couldn't always understand what was going on (go figure-she was once a spanish major and I took 4 years high school spanish and 1 semester in college) we loved it! I really wanted to find a video of the theme song and if I can I will post it, but for now here is pic of them: (I'm disappointed no one uploaded one on Youtube!)

(photo courtesy of LaGaceta)

As another side note: I just found that Porcel passed away in May of 2006! (Failed gallbladder surgery or something related) How sad! Ok there are my six. Who is next!?!


Jessica said...

Okay, the counting thing is really weird. I think it would definitely qualify under Six OCD Things About You. :)

Anonymous said...

YOur show, #6, sounds like a spanish version of Benny Hill!

1. Ok, I have to admit. I do #2 as well (not THAT way)hee hee. I love it when my car odometer has changed different numbers like 101010. Hmmm...other weird things?

2. When I'm either driving around or the passenger, I look for patterns with vehicle colors. Try it and maybe you'll notice that in a parking lot or all of a sudden in front of you on the highway is a cluster of a vehicles that are all....silver, for example. I don't know but I get a kick out of it.

3. Ok, this one is VERY HARD for me to admit, but at least I can keep my identity anonymous. I am 28 years old, married and have the blanket I got when I was 4 yrs. old. I love the satin on the edges. I am not a smoker or anything like that, but I like to sit at home on the couch and rub the satin between my fingers. It relaxes me. It also helps me go to sleep sometimes. Can I fall asleep with out it, yes, of course, but I prefer having it with me. And NO my husband does not mind in the slightest cause I asked him and made him aware when we first started dating. Defense mode: Ok, and anyways I can't tell you how many teenagers or adults I've seen that still put stuffed animals somewhere in their house so it's justifiable, right?

4. I'm a heat hog! Usually whether I truly can't feel my appendages due to cold or not, I like the feeling of heat on me. I take my blanket and put it around my lap while on the couch so as to create a funnel of heat from the portable heater I keep near the couch in the winter.

5. I have this thing where it's hard for me to dress or put clothing on without looking in the mirror first. I can be really self conscious. I like to know that I look good in what I'm wearing and am very critical of myself.

6. I don't like typical swiss cheese, but I can eat Lorraine swiss (even though I still think it smells like feet or something nasty). I can have tomatoes on a burger or sandwich, but I don't like to eat them cut up with salt like some people though I can handle the small grape tomatoes in a salad, but not a big tomato that was cut up and put in the salad. I guess it's got something to do with the consistency.

7. If any of those weren't good enough. I like the smell of dryers and dryer sheets. If I pass by a house on the street and you can tell their dryer is going by the smell. I love to take deep breaths.

How weird am I?

Anonymous said...

i miss watching porcel with you in your dorm room.

and i feel as though i pronounce my name wrong, too. i wish i had remembered to put that one on mine!

Anonymous said...

Can I tell you that I've thought up so many more since I made the anonymous post??? My husband was quick to point out some as I was of his as well. Ha ha