Friday, December 15, 2006

Track Santa

As they have done for the past 50 years, NORAD will be tracking Santa using four high-tech systems: radar, satellites, Santa Cams and jet fighter aircraft... You can bookmark the link and watch the Santa Cam to track the man in red's progression around the world.

In other news: most of the shopping is done. YES! I remember previous years where I would be madly dashing about on Christmas Eve. But not this year. Jamie is a real trooper...sitting happily in his carseat/carrier either in a stroller or shopping cart as I dash around the mall or other stores. My 2 hard to find items: a long, pink, cotton, bathrobe (size M) & Levi Strauss, relaxed fit 550 jeans in a size 44x34 (any color).

Bathrobe: It seems now-a-days that the rule of bathrobes is that they must be made out of polyester and/or fleece. They all look great and soft and comfy, however the person I'm shopping for is SUPER particular about her clothing. After looking through 2 malls I could only find 1 bathrobe that was made out of cotton. It was at Bon Ton and had these pink and hot pink horizontal stripes! Definately not my MIL's style. I wish I had a photo. I just checked out Bon Ton's website and they don't even sell it there. I looked at Target & Kohl's with no luck until today. I decided to check out another Kohl's store just to see if the merchandise was different and Halleleuia! there was one brand of 100% cotton in pink. Bonus: $60 robe on sale for $21.99. It's this robe in pink:
Now the jeans...they are another story. I've searched 3 malls and all over the Internet for this hard to find size. Well almost the whole Internet. Tonight Hubby asks, "Did you check Ebay?" Duh! *smacking forhead* So that's my next stop. I have however checked out many stores online including all major department stores. Apparently the 44x34 is a tricky size. Oddly enough some stores classify it as a "big & tall" while some other stores don't. Then there are the stores who only go up to a 44x32 in regular and when you go to big & tall, start with a 44x36 leaving you wondering where the 34 disappeared to. Very bizarre. Oh-I guess I should clarify. I DID find a few places who had the size, but I am NOT paying $50-55 for jeans that are on sale everywhere else for $27.99.

Ok. My shoulders are sore and I think I've developed tennis elbow from heaving Jamie's car seat in and out of the Jeep. Time to go chill.

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kelly said...

hmmm... do i want a robe? ;)