Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Now What Am I Gonna Do?

Hubby and my tv watching schedule is as follows:

8-9 pm Deal or No Deal
9-10 pm Heroes
10-11 pm Dr. 90210

8-9 pm Jericho
9-10pm Criminal Minds
10-11 pm CSI

8:30-9 pm The Office
9-10 pm Smallville

Our staple shows are Heroes, Jericho & The Office with the other stuff as "fluff" before and after that we watch since we are already planning on watching tv. But now-Heroes and Jericho are going off air until the next season! What am I going to do with all this extra time? Might as well skip tv on Mondays. Criminal Minds is worth watching still on Wednesdays but if The Office ends too...I am not so sure about Thursdays anymore either. We've only recently begun watching Smallville. What a great concept for the show. While I was pregnant, tired, and fat and just after Jamie was born and attached to my breasts 24-7 I used to watch marathon re-runs of Smallville on what used to be the WB now CW on the weekends. To my delight the show still has new episodes however there is a huge chunk of show history I am not aware of. I don't know why this show strikes me as so clever-they constantly turn movies into tv shows but maybe it's because this one is so successful? Good plots and characters related to the whole Superman thing?

Anywho-I suppose I could clean my house more...or stay on top of the laundry...but who wants to do that when you can veg out in front of the tv? Maybe we can find some new shows.

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kelly said...

"how i met your mother" at 8pm on monday nights is pretty good. :) i didn't know you were a fan of "the office"! i loooove it.

this thursday, though -- i'm going to be at a broadway show in NYC. :) i can catch a repeat of "the office" another day, don'tcha think? ;-)

love you,