Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday was Jake's first day back to work after being off for a whole month post surgery. Actually he didn't work a whole day but it was a big deal. So far he is recovering well and *knock on wood* hasn't had too many headaches. So he's back to work now.

Saturday was my friend Jennifer's wedding. She had the ceremony at a state park at this beautiful spot called "Inspiration Point". It overlooks a gorge, waterfall and huge railroad bridge in the far distance. Unfortunatey it rained during their ceremony. While this was disappointing to the bride, I thought it added character to the wedding and it was still beautiful. It was neat to see all the umbrellas in different colors and there was this fantastic fog...the picture with this post is of Jennifer and her dad taken as he was walking her down the "aisle". Regardless of the weather, she was a beautiful bride, and the ceremony and reception were wonderful.

Jamie meanwhile spent time with my parents & siblings. He is one loved & spoiled kid. They had lots of fun, and while I didn't have to worry about him, I still missed him. It was nice to be out though without baby in tow.

Sunday was a day to relax. I was a lazy momma in my pajamas all day and didn't even shower until 5 o'clock. I slept in with Jamie, watched tv, played around online, and read the newspaper. Then Jake and I (with James) headed to Lowes in search of tree wrap. We want to protect the trees in our yard from deer and rabbits during winter so they won't strip the bark. Unfortunately, Lowes didn't have any except for this plastic stuff. We'll have to try a nursery or Home Depot. I can't believe we are already thinking about winter.

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Jennifer said...

Dear Jo to da anne,
Wow, what a surprise to see one of our wedding pictures on your blog! That was so endearing. Thank you for taking such wonderful pictures! You gave a different perspective on the ceremony. After seeing the pics, I can truly appreciate the beauty, uniqueness, and romance that the rain and fog brought to our ceremony. It meant a lot that you and Jake could be there to share it with us!
the new Mrs. Malinchak