Monday, July 10, 2006


Between 2 am and 8 am-I think Jamie and I had a grand total of an hour and a half of sleep. Somehow our beautiful, perfect baby has his days and nights mixed up. During the day he is a champ. He eats every 3-4 hours, naps, and has alert-awake times. Once midnight rolls around-it's like Jekyll and Hyde. (spellings on those?) After midnight he is awake about every hour and seems to want to eat every 1-2 hours. Then it takes about an hour to get him to bed & sleep and when I do, he might sleep for 10 minutes before wanting up again.

So-this explains my absence here. During the day I am trying to catch up on sleep or other household duties. Despite our sleeping problems, I am so in love with this kid. I know I am biased, but I think he's the most sweet and beautiful baby. I can't believe he is 2 weeks old today. Everyone who sees him comments on how little he is. It is so weird to me. When I see pictures of him, I guess he does look small. But-sitting in my lap-he doesn't seem that petite to me.

We've had a few adventures with him. Jake and I call him the time bomb. After he is done eating, that gives us about 3 hours if we want to do something before I need to feed again. (I am breastfeeding) Yesterday we went to the grocery store. I've been shopping at this particular store forever and know the layout well. Jake manned the stroller and I the cart & the game plan was to whip through the store and get what we needed. Wouldn't you know-we get there and those fockers rearranged the store?!? They aren't even done-there are aisles with random stuff thrown together. It seems like they had an abundance of potatoe chips too as every aisle seemed to have jumbo bags of the stuff. I got to the first aisle and was like-wtf!? So needless to say-shopping took longer and towards the end-Jr. started freaking out. It's such an awkward position too. I know he was hungry, but I didn't feel I could just sit and whip it out at the grocery store. My next big adventure is to get a pump so we have backup bottles.

Well-I need to get breakfast going and baby will be ready to eat shortly so...I must say goodbye for now.

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