Tuesday, April 18, 2006


No-it's not National Talk Like a Pirate Day again. With this whole Gestational Diabetes thing I've gone from upset to angry. First of all, the "nurse" they sent to my home from the "Visiting Nurses Association" didn't seem to know very much. She asked me what plan the Doctor wanted me to follow and I said, "You are supposed to tell me." She called my Doctor's office and the assistant (who is very nice) let her know that the information was given to her on Friday and the doctor was out of town so she'd have to make a call and call her back. When I spoke to the other assistant at the office on Friday she explained a little bit of the plan and told me that she let VNA know what I was supposed to do and that I didn't have to write anything down because they'd explain it to me when they came to my home-so I know they did it.

Ok-so-we get over that glitch and the woman starts explaining the "special" diet to me. This also infuriates me because the diet is almost exactly what I am already eating. First of all, it follows the same format-breakfast, snack in 2-3 hours, lunch, snack in 2-3 hours, dinner, and snack before bed. I didn't use to snack before bed. Secondly, what they are asking me to eat is pretty much what I already eat. So-if I am already doing this, why did I fail my 3 hour glucose test? Why do I have to check my blood 4 times a day? I researched the test and found that you are supposed to eat extra carbs the 3 days prior to the test. Nice of my Doctor to mention that. (she didn't) The "nurse" said that this could affect my test results which are already not that far off from being normal. *sigh* I don't want to take the 3 hour test again and I am willing to play this stupid game for the benefit of the kid-but it seems like I do not need to really be doing this. I feel like I got a false positive on that 3 hour test (which by the way is very controversial).

Once we got over the diet & menu portion of the conversation, the woman wanted to go over with me how to use my glucometer and check my blood. We pull out the instruction booklet which CLEARLY explains about putting the battery in the machine and what does she do? Put it in upside down. Then she can't figure out how to set the time and date which are also clearly stated in the book. I just wanted to rip it out of her hands and say, "Let me do it." She finally got that done and then shows me how to load up the pen which will prick my finger. She is struggling with this. Finally she gets it and explains to me what to do. I try it and get no prick to my finger. We try it again. (Both times I feel the dread/anticipation of something striking my finger and nothing happens) Nothing. She seems puzzled. We adjust the strength and then try my thumb. I see a tiny spot of blood to which she exclaims, "You must not be a good bleeder, let me milk your thumb." Gee thanks. And she starts squeezing and squeezing and trying to get enough blood out to fill the test strip. Amazingly enough-my blood sugar level-which coincided with 2 hours after lunch, like I am supposed to take it-was in a normal range. Imagine that.

To end this long tale, she explains how she can be reached at any time at a number she circles on this folder which I am supposed to keep. Inside is a copy of the first medical check she did and history and other information about diabetes. She asks if I have any other questions, packs her stuff up and leaves. Guess what she took with her? Yes, the folder I was supposed to keep. Idiot! Thank goodness I only have to see her 1-2 times a month.

Ok-my vent/rant/rampage is over. Hopefully my blood sugar levels will be normal and we can stop some of this foolishness. In any case, I think I'm done talking about it.

And by the way-it is really making me mad that the stupid banner at the top is not keeping up with my correct pregnancy dating.


Jentodafer said...

Dear Joanne,
Oh my God that lady is a COMPLETE idiot!!! I could've come over and helped you with the blood prick machine better than she could! I used one for a few weeks when I first found out I was hypoglycemic just to see how I was and to see if the way my body was feeling coincided with my blood sugar level. Anywho, keep doing what you're doing. I know you eat healthy! Love you, Jenny

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