Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another Baby/Body Update

Ha! I guess you can see a difference. Lately I've been taking weekly pics with my shirt down because I didn't think I was changing much but there is a difference.

The baby should be about 11 inches long now and his fingernails should be done forming. I still haven't felt movement yet which kind of bothers me. Sometimes I think I feel somthing but it isn't definate. On the pregnancy boards I frequent, some women said they didn't feel anything until 24 weeks, so I'll begin panicking then. (Although there are also some who have said they felt movement at 16 weeks too) My mom suggested that since I'm such a calm person, that maybe this is a calm baby too. Jake said maybe he is calm and trying to solve all sorts of complex logarithm equations while he's in there. Yeah-maybe. Silly Jake. We are convinced this baby will be very well rounded. Jake is the analytical, math/science/technology guy while I have the love for art/literature/music and languages. Maybe he'll be a super genius. (Isn't that what all parents hope for?)

Speaking of Jake he has finally started browsing the baby name books. All the gals in my buddy group (we are all due in July) have chosen names and refer to their baby's by their name. (Except for me!) I'd like to finally choose one. I really think it will be Nicholas which I like...that is the one we both come back to.


Indigo said...

I really like Nicholas. Our boy name was Noah Tiberius (as in James Tiberius Kirk, don't ask, long story).

Ms. Momma said...

I really love the name Noah too! It's a no go with hubby though. :-(