Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Check out this Monster!

Teddy is a lot happier in this picture. The new bed is wonderful! So much more comfortable than the waterbed. No-we don't have a bedroom set yet. We've been shopping for Mission style furniture but haven't found a great deal. Since the mattress was such a good price, we bought the mattress set before headboard, footboard, etc. Luckily it came with a free frame.

Our Dr.'s appointment went really well yesterday. We got to hear the heartbeat again and Jake recorded it. Maybe I can post a sound clip eventually. I lost 5 lbs since my last appointment...which the Dr. said was fine as I am eating healthy and have just been more active. I'm starting this pregnancy out a bit on the heavier side anyway, so-ideally only a 15-20 lb weight gain would be good. However, what ever the baby puts on, is fine with me. I have been trying to avoid too much junk food and sweets though so as not to put on unecessary weight.

Our next Dr. appointment is on Valentine's day and in a day or two I'll set up our ultrasound appointment. We are really excited to finally see this baby. Hopefully we can find out the gender too. Sorry if I keep talking about the same stuff but I forget what I have said or not said AND I am just happy about this baby and pregnancy. Speaking of which, the kid is telling me it's lunch time.


Indigo said...

Are you kidding me??? This is really exciting to hear about your pregnancy! It brings back all the memories of when I was pregnant. :-) Time goes by sooooooooooo fast.

Love the new bed! We got a new mattress in the fall, and it's soooooooooooooo much more comfortable.

Jen2dafer said...

Check Raymour and Flanigan for the mission style furniture. They have a nice selection. Check for their sales too.

As for the baby stuff...I love hearing about it! I'm very happy for you and Jake, and I share in your excitement...cause that's what friends do...just like the wedding schtuff! Since we always miss each other on the phone, this way I can catch up on the stuff I miss.