Thursday, October 27, 2005


Don't tell anyone yet! (Especially not my friends and family...we're waiting to surprise them.)


Ben said...

Congrats! :) Is this your first?

Ms. Momma said...

Thank you-yes it is!

kelly said...


Ben said...

Well, as it is your first, let me give you one little tidbit of advice that they forgot to tell me...

When babies are first born, they have this substance in their intestines called "myconium". I call it "black tar".

The first time you change your little baby's diaper, you will encounter it. Here is the solution:

BEFORE the diaper goes on, coat the little one's bottom and the place in the diaper where the bottom sits with vaseline. Use it *liberally*. Thus, when the myconium comes out, it doesn't stick to baby and baby slips out of the diaper easily.

Do this for the first few days after the birth, until the myconium stops.

If you need any help or advice, we've had 4 children and are hoping for more.

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