Friday, August 26, 2005

Weekend's here...

...have a can of beer. Sorry. That's from a radio show I used to listen to, before one of our local stations decided not to be an affilitate anymore. The Don and Mike Show used to really crack me up. I used to listen to them on my way home from work. They used to be on between 3-7pm. Sometimes they can get a little crude...but it is nothing like Howard Stern who I do NOT enjoy. They are just a group of funny guys who talk about a variety of topics.

Got a new illustration up. I like this one, except I'm still a bit "new" at working with some of the Photoshop functions. You can see some of my edges are rough. I think I am getting better though.

Not much else going on. Still trying to find a job. I mean, I know I can work anywhere...Starbucks, Borders, Wal-Mart...but I'd like to find something art related and something more lucrative. I don't think Wal-Mart will come anywheres near my previous teachers salary. (not that that was very high. I worked for the lowest paying district in my county) I'm almost to the point where I should probably start applying to like...daycare centers or something (that's kind of in my field-I do have the Art Ed in my background) but-it's not what I really want to do. I figure, my savings account can sustain me for maybe another month or two and then if I don't get something I want I'll resort to the desperate measures.

I've also been researching grants. I'd LOVE to convert my basement into a ceramics studio and make stuff to sell and exhibit. Aren't there grants out there for female artists...trying to start up a business? Most of the ones I have found have been for non-profit organizations. Or-things to start up an art program in an underpriveleged neighborhood. While that is more of a worthy cause then my "plight" I wish there was more available for individuals. I mean-once I get going...I would GLADLY donate some of my profits to the local school district. The arts always get shafted when it comes to budgets and finances. Heck, I'd give my old high school some mula to expand their program if I could.

*sigh* What a dreamer.

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