Thursday, December 06, 2001

year gone by

it's been awhile since i have last written here. i was just looking back to see where i was last year at this time and i wasn't even writing any entries. last year at this time, things were a bit bad. knight was still connected to m....and still living together. i was really upset during the holidays and very sad.

this year it doesn't even feel like december. the weather has been warm, and we haven't had any snow yet. i don't mind, i hate snow...and i haven't started christmas shopping yet...i'm waiting for money from paychecks, and my money is severely limited this year. after christmas i'll have lots of money. i get paid for my internship, and i get my loan refund....but for now, i am broke! it really sucks.

but the good thing about christmas this year, is that i get to be with knight. *happy sigh* everything is moving ahead. he and i are together, he found a new job and is moving home.....FINALLY! things are going our way. i am so in love with him. completely, indescribably....for eternity and beyond.

this year has passed by so quickly....why is that? is it because i am older? i dunno.

this year has been a year for illness for me too. i haven't been so sick in years. i think part of it was stress, part of it working with kids so much...and part of it just because i don't have health insurance. ;)

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